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Co to jest drukarka atramentowa i jak dodawać atrament do drukarki atramentowej


With the advancement of science and technology, the development of home printers has become more and more vigorous, with a wide variety of types.

What is an inkjet printer

1. Principle

The working principle of inkjet printers is to first produce small ink droplets, and then use the inkjet head to guide the small ink droplets to a set position. The smaller the ink droplet, the clearer the printed picture. Generally, there are 48 or more independent nozzles on the printer head to eject various colors of ink. Generally speaking, the more nozzles, the faster the printing speed. Ink drops of different colors fall on the same point to form different complex colors.

2. Inkjet technology

Inkjet technology is divided into continuous inkjet technology and random inkjet technology. Early inkjet printers and current large-format inkjet printers all used continuous inkjet technology, while the current popular inkjet printers on the market generally use random inkjet technology. Continuous inkjet technology is represented by the charge modulation type. In the random inkjet system, the ink is ejected only when printing is needed, so it is also called on-demand. Compared with the continuous type, it has a simple structure, low cost, and high reliability. However, the ink droplet ejection speed is low due to the influence of the jet inertia. In this random inkjet system, in order to make up for this shortcoming, many random inkjet printers use a multi-nozzle method to increase the printing speed. Random inkjet technology is mainly divided into two categories: micro piezoelectric and thermal bubble.

 How to add ink to inkjet printer

1. Preliminary preparation

Before adding ink to the printer, prepare rubber gloves or plastic gloves, ink, ink cartridges, and a needle tube.

2. Specific operation

First, we need to find the vent on the ink cartridge, which is the entrance for refilling ink, pierce it with a needle tube and push the ink in. When adding ink, we should exhaust as much as possible and use pressure to inject the ink. If it is difficult to exhaust the air below, then let the lower port parallel to the ground. When filling, it should be noted that as the use time increases, the maximum filling volume of the ink cartridge will also decrease. After pulling out the needle tube, stick the color indicator label on the ink cartridge.